New School Board Member

Newell News

NEWELL-Randy Oliver was named as a Newell School Board member to replace the vacant seat left by Lisa Wendt. He will keep that position until the next election in the Spring. Since Wendt was the board’s Vice Chair, there was an election for that position. Sara Brunner was nominated and unanimously elected. Chairman Tyrel Bonnet appointed Oliver to the Negotiation and District Leadership committees.

During Open Forum Dawn Gardner brought up concern with the landscaping work done around the new drainage area. Bonnet confirmed that the topsoil will be done and the area seeded. Tax levies were approved as follows: General Fund (Ag.1.320, oo-2.954, non-Ag/ utilities-6.113), SPED (1.574) and Capital Outlay ($842,625).

Debra Kopetsky was hired as a paraprofessional for $13.50 per hour and Ashley Kreitel was hired as a custodian at $13.50 per hour. Extra duty pay was approved for Billie Beaver and Kiahley Sandoz with Luann Youngberg as a alternate at $2 per hour above their current pay.

The new bell system was tabled until the October School Board meeting. The need for a K-12 special education teacher and another paraprofessional will be advertised.