BFHS Knowledge Bowl Team 1st Place Winners 2023

Belle Fourche News

The High School Knowledge Bowl team has been taking 1st place at meets this year. The teams compete in five rounds, one written round and four buzzer rounds. There are sixty questions in each round. The written round is scored with each question equaling a tenth of a point. The buzzer rounds are awarded points based on who answers the most questions correctly overall.

Belle Fourche Knowledge Bowl includes Coach Jordan Esmay, Merik McNeese, Brodie McNeese, Theodore Long, Zach Gerbracht, and Maddie Carson.

The middle school teams are learning and growing and Mr. Esmay is excited to see what they can do. In the middle school picture left to right is: Mr. Esmay, Aspen Richter, Nathan Erhart, Jaxon Tucker, Kasey Dobesh, Isaiah Slama, Brahnson Brink, Bella Welles, and Abigail Schmidt.