October national 4-H month

Belle Fourche News

National 4-H Week is technically Oct. 1-7, But October is also considered 4-H Month. It is the time that kids and parents are STRONGLY Encouraged to sign-up so they don’t miss out on any of the year’s events! In honor of 4H promotion week, I would like to promote 4H by talking about all the opportunities it has given me.

First, the friendships I have gained and the people I have met through 4H are irreplaceable. The leadership opportunities I have had, including being a member of junior leaders, attending various youth leadership days, and being president of my club for many years have taught me many skills that will benefit my life going forward.

Additionally, the skills I have learned through youth-in-action activities are things I will carry with me forever. I have participated in hippology, shooting sports, showing horses and sheep, consumer-decision making judging, horticulture judging, and rodeo. Through these various activities I have been able to experience a little bit of a lot of things, allowing me to be well-rounded while finding my interests at the same time.

All in all, 4H has a multitude of opportunities and no matter what you are interested in, it has something for you!