New Mayor in Newell

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NEWELL-The citizens of Newell have elected a new mayor to guide the town into a future she has made plans for. Tara Tennis will take the mayor’s seat at the next Newell town meeting May 13 at 5 p.m. as the first elected Mayor of Newell. Rita Weigand served as Mayor in Newell for a brief period, but was appointed to the position.

One of the first things Tennis seeks to do to begin her tenure is to get a copy of the town’s budget and see the best place to commerce. Tennis believes Federal funding should be available to apply to some of the fixes she is considering. Grant funds are attainable, but take time to fill out all the paperwork and have the money to match Federal funds.

She would like to begin fixing streets, especially Third Street and Girard from Eighth to Ash. A top priority would be Third Street sewer and water, she said. Tennis plans to get together with City Foreman Verl Tifft and check out the infrastructure to decide how to go ahead with the work.

Tennis is working with Dr. Pandi Pittman, Newell School Superintendent, to brainstorm ideas to bring more housing into the town.

“We definitely need more housing in this area,” she said. “If we don’t have enough houses for the teachers currently here, I see that as a huge issue.”

She is endeavoring to get more housing in the area. Too many people are living out of town, spending money in other places, she said. More people living in Newell will bring more business, which in turn brings more revenue to the town.

Tennis desires that everyone work together to find the solutions that will benefit Newell. Transparency is important to her and she stands by opening the doors of city hall.

“If you are curious, stop in the office and ask,” she said.

Plans are in the works for a “Meet and Greet” time for citizens to exchange their ideas and see what can happen in the future.

“Treat people the way you want to be treated,” she said. “It’s free.”

“I ran for Mayor because this is my town,” Tennis said. “We can make it a place where people want to live, to come and open a business. There’s a lot of potential here.”