Approval of Contracts and Rules

Newell News

NEWELL-The Newell School Board approved several contracts and the Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball Rules, among other business of the board. Following the reports by Department Heads, Old Business included the approval of an update to the bell system for middle school and high school.

The Board chose to approve American Time as the vendor for the bell system. It will be a Plug N Play system and will work with the present bells. The system has online programming and should be able to sync all the bells in the Middle School and High School. The cost of the system is $2,623.80.

Changes were made to the Wellness Policy with suggestions from Interim Superintendent Don Kirkegaard. He suggested that names should be eliminated so that the document could be cared through even if there was a change of personnel.

Contracts were approved for Stephanie McMahon for Paraprofessional, Cierra McTaggart as Assistant HS Girls BB Coach, and for Interim Superintendent Don Kirkegaard. Melissa Larson, former First Grade teacher, will teach Preschool and Kylee Lubben, former Preschool teacher will teach First Grade.

Superintendent Kirkegaard informed the Board that although the Superintendent is usually in charge of school dismissals during inclement weather, he would not be available during part of the winter school year. Because of this, he explained that Principal Schoenfish had all the necessary contact numbers and would be in charge during the Superintendent’s absence.

The Board discussed the upgrade of the heating system software. Johnson Controls has an update available from the software now on the server. The tech from the company explained that he was not able to use the present system and an update was necessary. The question was if a virtual server should be used or a hard-wired server would be adequate.

The Boys’ BB Rules were approved. In part, the rules address the expectations in practice and games. Practices will center on the fundamentals and a healthy attitude. The players who show these values toward Irrigator basketball are the players who will gain the most benefit as stated in the rules. The coach also noted that it is a privilege and honor to be part of the basketball program, not a right.

The Lady Gator’s BB rules are similar with special emphasis on effort. The coach states that only those who practice and play hard will play during the game. Playing time will not be equal at all levels. Parents are asked to call before coming to a practice and setting up a specific time. All practices are mandatory.

The 2023-2024 wrestling rules were also approved by the School Board. Some of the points made in the rules include “insubordination will not be tolerated by any member of the wrestling program.” The coach note that he demands that the student respect “yourself, our team, your school, and your community at home or any away events.” Coach added “Empty your cup-Be a sponge.”

The next regular Newell School Board meeting will be December 11 at 6 p.m. in the Newell School Multi-Purpose Room.