Dodgeball Raises Funds for Local EMS - Belle Fourche FD were the winners of Dodgeball Tournament.

Dodgeball Raises Funds for Local EMS

Newell News

NEWELL—Saturday, January 20 was an action-packed evening at Newell’s Austin Auditorium, where an exciting Emergency Responders Dodgeball Tournament took place. The tournament brought together teams representing local emergency response services, including ambulances, fire departments, and the sheriff’s office. Teams were from Newell, Nisland-Arpan, Vale, Belle Fourche, and Castle Rock. With a large turnout in the audience, the event aimed to raise funds for a worthy cause while providing entertainment for everyone.

People could contribute and show their support in several ways; attendees had the option of donating cash, purchasing tickets to “bet” on their favorite team, or buying a delicious meal. This allowed everyone, regardless of their budget, to contribute to the fundraiser and make a difference.

Fifty-percent of the proceeds from the ticket drawing will be directed towards the Butte County Fire Protection Association’s Fire School, set to take place in the fall of 2024. Of the remaining proceeds, 25% went to one winner drawn from the first-place bucket and 25% went to the winner drawn from the second-place bucket. The winners of the drawings were LeAnne Wells and Maynard Yule, both of whom won $67 and generously donated the money back.

In the end, the Belle Fourche Fire team emerged as the tournament champions, with the Butte Fire team coming in at a close second. The audience was on the edge of their seats, cheering and applauding every dodge, throw, and catch.

This year’s Emergency Responders Dodgeball Tournament was a resounding success that highlighted the power of community engagement and the importance of supporting our local emergency services.