A Great Opportunity

Belle Fourche News

My name is Christian Hagen and I am the Executive Director for South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures (SDYHA). We are a youth mentoring non-profit based in Rapid City and serving the entirety of the Black Hills area from Belle Fourche to Edgemont and everywhere in between.

Our program is all about getting kids outdoors. There are many barriers and obstacles for kids when it comes to hunting and fishing: primarily the cost, access, and having someone knowledgeable to go with.

That is where our program steps in; we take kids who want to hunt and fish, but do not have the opportunity to do so, and we get them matched with an experienced and qualified mentor. We also outfit every kid from head to toe each year, we provide firearms and ammo, we provide land access, and we pay for meat processing.

It costs the youth and families $0 to be in our program! We also have over a dozen fun events throughout the year that teach kids necessary and fun outdoor skills. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we do, I would love to visit with you or jump on a phone call!

Christian Hagen, Executive Director
South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures
[email protected]