Belle Fourche Business Improvement Districts (B.I.D.) establishment moves forward

Belle Fourche News

    A large group of downtown businesses and downtown building owners are willing to put forth business funds to create a better downtown experience for citizens, shoppers, and tourists. A B.I.D. (Business Improvement District) is a structured way to make this a reality. 

    Thursday, February 8th, a group of people who completed a survey consisting of questions regarding their knowledge of a BID and what they see and don’t see downtown, were invited to a meeting to give more input. These people are citizens of Belle Fourche, homeowners, business owners, and parents. They brought fantastic ideas for future projects in the downtown BID. 

    The survey brought answers requesting more dining options, more retail options, beautification of downtown, and more family-friendly activities. 

    Moving forward with the BID is as follows: 1. Defining the District / General Project Scope—We Submit & Get Final Approval from the City Council. 2. Defining the Advisory Board for the District, Holding formal nominations and elections for this board—We Submit/Suggest & Final Approval by the Mayor. Defining the Board Operating Procedures & Exact Project / Costs and Assessments—Elected Advisory Board Submits & Final Approval by City Council.

    Some ideas that came up on February 8th were Movies in Rail Park (projected on the Belle Flowers east wall) and finding ways to capitalize on our rich history –we are MORE than the geographic center of the nation. 

    Signage campaign – prominent, like Wall Drug – signs are up to hundreds of miles away and yet; they’ve built a name and nostalgia about visiting “Wall Drug”. Having a historical map – modern-day locations of historically significant events/buildings/people, etc. 

    Establishing consistent branding to use throughout Belle, perhaps considering paying for professional branding/marketing collateral to be developed. 

   Flower planters that are larger and self-wateringHistorical signage for buildings to tell the story—what/who/when. Utilize our green spaces better – amp them up, and make them attractive and inviting. 

Build a public restroom facility downtown. Beautification efforts to draw people in for all seasons (Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall, etc.). Seasonal lights in Herrmann Park – an attraction all holiday season long that would draw people in to visit / walkthrough, etc.

   The idea behind the BID is to create an experience for our visitors, whether they are citizens or tourists. The downtown businesses want their streets and work areas to be places where people want to spend their leisurely time because of the environment they have thoughtfully created. This in turn will create revenue that will create more opportunities for improvement to downtown. The downtown businesses involved are excited to have the input of the survey and are eager to move forward. They wish to thank all who took the survey and have stepped up to make this a reality. 

   As the project progresses they will continue to seek input and collaboration from affected business and commercial property owners.