Where the Eclipse was Total

Belle Fourche News

 In 2015 I had read an article about the Total Eclipse of the moon happening in the United States on April 8, 2024.

  In looking at parts of the country it would be total I had seen on the map that it went through Columbus, Indiana. 

 Our friends, Mike and Judy Manna who were former Belle residents and had been missionaries to the Ukraine had recently moved to Columbus Indiana and I contacted Mike and told him I wished to make a reservation at the Manna Inn for April 8, 2024.

  As the obligations of a newspaper don’t allow for much travel out of the city limits, let alone out of state, I was obliged to cancel our reservation and unable to personally observe the totality.

  The Manna’s observed the eclipse at home with their grandkids. Mike said, “It was an absolutely amazing experience! Nearly 4 minutes long, in our backyard, of complete darkness.

Mike’s friend Noel Poore Columbus took photos of the complete with his telescope and sent to us to share with you.

  The next total eclipse is in 2044 and can be observed in Ekalaka. Will be 90 then and hopefully able to leave the city to observe. 

Manna Family at home in Columbus Indiana awaiting the total eclipse of the sun. Courtesy Photo,  Eclipse telephotos by  Noel Poore, Columbus, IN.