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Saturday on State, Shopping for Memories

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The world would likely be a happier place if more of us were able to write our own job descriptions. That is exactly what Sue Sanders and Shawna Browning did years ago when they, and three other women, helped create Saturday on State Street in Belle Fourche.

Saturday on State Street is a monthly vintage market open the second Friday and Saturday of each month or by appointment. The store is also open for Black Friday and some days during the
July fourth festivities.

“It’s our happy place. We have fun with displays.” Sue explained. Sue and Shawna are the last of the five original owners. They each have distinct, but overlapping talents. Both are passionate about preserving vintage history, memories, and helping these items find owners who appreciate them. Sue and Shawna work well together. They love greeting customers and visitors to the store. Not surprising, they have a “very loyal” customer base.

Sue and Shawna understand what draws people to a shop that sells memorabilia, antiques, collectibles, and refreshed items. “We sell memories.” Sue noted matter-of-factly.

A tour through the store offers visitors an opportunity to revisit personal childhood memories or days past. Sets of color coordinated bowls and attractively displayed vintage household items, and kitchen tools restore memories of a less complicated time. Saturday on State Street is a happy place for visitors too.

Sue and Shawna come from work experience backgrounds. Sue was an LPN for 25 years. Sue realized her passion for finding and preserving treasures and memories when she and her husband started going to farm auctions several years ago. Shawna over the years has always tapped into her creative side with ventures of a balloon business, wedding and floral designs. Her love for restore, refresh and redesign goes back to learning from and helping her dad, who’s known in town as a finish carpenter. Shawna’s love of Belle Fourche and being “home base” for her entire family shows in her desire to help others “create and relive memories”.

The business that originally started on State Street has moved around some, but is now back at its original site, 520 State Street. Sue and her husband recently purchased the building, known to many local residents as the Robb building.

Built by businessman and stonemason John Scotney in 1896, the structure is one of the oldest buildings in Belle Fourche.

Over the years, 520 State Street has housed several businesses including The Wide Awake Grocery, The Arnold Grocery and then The Sly Grocery Store. The original building had an external staircase, a balcony and two bays. Some cosmetic changes have been made to the store front and an addition was added at the back of the building in 1911.

The store continues to be a work in progress, but the business of salvaging and repurposing treasures and memories is not always easy.

“Marketing items is challenging.” Shawna explained. “We have big and small items. Every- thing is one of a kind.” Saturday on State Street is a monthly vintage market open the second Friday and Saturday of each month or by appointment.

The new location is good for business as it invites walking traffic. Sue and Shawna are more enthusiastic about the store than ever. Customers are upbeat and positive. It’s encouraging when families want to bring visitors downtown.

Customers and visitors can learn more by accessing “Saturday on State” Facebook page. They can also contact Sue at 605.380.8748 or Shawna at 605.641.9031.

The store is open from 10 AM to 6 PM on Friday and 9 AM to 4 PM Saturday on market weekends.