Planning Board Looking for New Member

Butte County News

BELLE FOURCHE-The Butte County Commissioners discussed the need for a new person for the Butte County Planning Board’s opening. Although, the commissioners had at first thought it would be possible to appoint someone without advertising, upon the advice of Deputy States Attorney Edward Tarbay they decided that the commissioners follow the same process as other Commission appointments. The vacancy will be published in local newspapers and applications reviewed during the December 29, 2023 Special Meeting. Interviews will be held in January with the appointment of a new Planning Board member will be made prior to the February Planning Board meeting.

The Butte County Planning Board is a five-member advisory Board. It includes four members appointed by the Butte County Commissioners and one County Commissioner representative. The Planning Board ensures the county ordinances are implemented consistently and offers oversight to the growth, planning, and development activities in the county. The Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month.

The potential purchase of a Low Boy Trailer from Butler Machine was discussed by the commissioners. Beau Riopel, Butler Machine representative, was on hand to give the particulars on the availability of a Low Boy. He pointed out that without a Low Boy Trailer, the county is “dead in the water.”

Highway Supervisor Dwayne Heidrich listed several reasons why there was a need for a new Low Boy. A Low Boy is needed to haul the excavator and blower and the age of the present Low Boy is past prime.

If a new trailer is purchased outright, several thousands of dollars would be saved in interest, etc. and if the purchase is done in 2023, money is available in the Highway Budget.

Commissioners voted to purchase the Low Boy Trailer from Butler Machine for $108,892.95.

During Public Comments, Jared Capp and Mike Habeck were present to speak about their desires to be involved in an additional liquor license that may be available.

Auditor Annie Capp gave a history of the interest in Butte County Liquor licenses. She had received information from the Department of Revenue and South Dakota Codified law. The commission determines the number of licenses based on population and fees on an annual basis or by ordinance. Further research needs to be done by the States Attorney’s Office and discussion will be done at the next regular commission meeting.

Sue Broadhurst spoke during Public Comment to point out that she was disappointed in the commissioners for not reading more carefully the agreement between Butte County Commission and the BH Council of Local Government. An error had been pointed out by a member of the audience that Lawrence County had been listed instead of Butte County.

She also addressed the lateness and absences of some of the commissioners at the November 21 meeting. Lastly, she mentioned the high cost of copies at the county level.

An invitation was given by Katie Hoffman to the commissioners to attend a presentation by Ed Moses. Moses focuses on substance abuse and addiction.

Hoffman addressed comments made during the previous commission meeting on November 21. Her concerns centered on the deviation from normal processes when Vice Chair James Ager allowed States Attorney LeEllen McCartney and Sheriff Fred Lamphere to make comments in response to comments made by 3J Towing. She wondered if these comments were illegal or at least unprofessional.

Dale Simanton pointed out that SA McCartney’s explanation of certain word descriptions left one work out-corruption. He then listed several areas where he believes corruption has taken place.

In other discussion:

  • The material for the courthouse roof will be delivered soon.
  • BH Energy is planning to remove or trim trees at the fairgrounds in Nisland.
  • The next meeting will be December 19 at 1:00 p.m.
  • There will be a special meeting December 29, 2023 at 9 a.m.