Commissioners Approve Audio/Visual Bid

Butte County News

BELLE FOURCHE-The Butte County Commissioners approved the bid from Architectural Specialties LLC for the live stream audio and video placed in the Commissioners’ Room at the county courthouse. Two bids were submitted by the firm, one for $38,157,64 and a second one for $$15, 356.53. The second bid of $15,356.53 was approved with the understanding that wireless microphones could be added in the future.

The higher bid included wireless microphones for each commissioner while the lower bid will have one microphone suspended from the ceiling to capture the audio. The system will be capable of streaming both video and audio to the Internet during County Commission meetings and other meetings held in the Commissioners’ Room. Web services will coordinate the process so that it will be available at the county website.

During her activity report, States Attorney LeEllen McCartney explained the Juvenile Diversion programs that are available in the county. The reason for the programs was instituted by Senate Bill 73 Juvenile Justice and Public Safety. The programs address truancy, teen court, ABC, and juvenile diversion and were developed to prevent juveniles from obtaining criminal records. They are primarily aimed at low level petty offenses and minors under the age of 18. The programs are self-funded with federal reimbursement funds for every successful case.

The Deferred Prosecution Agreements are used for those that do not qualify for a Juvenile Diversion Program.

Five liquor licenses were approved by the commissioners. All licenses were for on-sale liquor, including Sunday sales. The five establishments were Branding Iron Steakhouse and Saloon, Besler’s Cadillac Ranch, Stone House Saloon, Spur Creek Saloon LLC, and Newell Golf Club.

A new resolution was put into place establishing a temporary suspension on tax certificate sales. McCartney explained that the reason for the resolution is the result of litigation and actions that must be taken by South Dakota legislation.

The new resolution is as follows:


WHEREAS, SDCL §§ 10-23 et seq. provides for an annual sale of tax certificates for the amount of delinquent property tax due on real property, and

WHEREAS, the constitutionality of South Dakota’s statutory scheme for sale and redemption of tax certificates and for issuance of Treasurer’s tax deeds has been questioned by the United States Supreme Court in Tyler v. Hennepin County, 143 S.Ct. 1369 (2023), and

WHEREAS, it is necessary for legislative changes to ensure that the statutes governing tax certificate redemptions and the issuance of tax deeds does not constitute an unconstitutional and unlawful governmental taking,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Butte County will temporarily not sell tax certificates for delinquent property taxes payable in 2023, and prior years.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that Butte County will not issue Tax Deeds to holders of tax certificates, including certificates held by the County and by third parties, until questions surrounding constitutionality of the tax deed process are resolved.

Approved and adopted this 7th day of November 2023 Signed.

During Public Comments subjects ranged from comments from a towing company to questions on audio/video plans.

Clayton Johnson, 3J Towing, stated that 3J Towing had been served a court order terminating services with the county pending a civil suit. He voiced his concern about being taken from the rotation and how the removal had impacted the county’s other towing companies. Deputy Jason March could not speak about the pending case.

Robert VanSickle cautioned the commissioners to be aware that many residents of the area have expertise and information and that the commissioners should rely on what is said at the podium.

Sue Broadhurst mentioned the difficulty of finding information prior to a commissioners’ meeting. She pointed out the inconvenience of using the county website. Broadhurst questioned the audio/visual recording difficulty and wondered why there wasn’t someone doing the recording as with other counties and cities.

The audio/visual difficulties were addressed by Travis Ismay. He requested that the commissioners continue to move forward as soon as possible.

Travel by Sheriff Fred Lamphere was questioned by Katie Hoffman as she pointed out that more focus should be made by Lamphere on county issues and not on border issues. She is concerned about private discussions between commissioners prior to the meeting and stated that they should speak for everyone to hear.

Rose Van Sickle asked if the commissioners were required to take a drug test to serve the county and suggested that the commissioners spend more time with cannabis organizations to get the smell.

The placement of a new cattle guard was approved by the commissioners. Allen Lamb was given permission to place a cattle guard on Riley Road.

The 2024 Butte-Lawrence County Fair agreement was signed by the commissioners. Butte County will contribute $7,500 while Lawrence County will contribute $10,000. The Fair Board consists of ten members, five appointed by Butte County Commission and five by Lawrence County. One member from each county will be a county commissioner.

The next commissioner meeting will be November 21 at 1:00 in the Butte County Courthouse.