JACK THE CLIPPER, Professional Hair Grooming

Belle Fourche News

Bernice Moore, professional grooming consultant and founder of JACK THE CLIPPER A new barber & beauty shop is open for business in Belle Fourche. JACK THE CLIPPER is owned by Bernice KT Moore and specializes in grooming services.

Bernice started her career in this field in 1993. She is a licensed barber-stylist , cosmetologist, and hair loss practitioner. She is also experienced in the science of funeral home cosmetology.

JACK THE CLIPPER is focused on grooming services and offers the usual cuts, colors, and perms, etc. Other specialty services such as facials focus on cleansing and overall skin improvement. Basic manicures and detox or jelly foot soaks are also available upon request.

In addition to various professional certifications, Bernice also has a fine sense of irony. The business name ‘JACK THE CLIPPER’ is a clever word play allusion to the infamous ‘Jack The Ripper’. The theme decor reflects 1800’s Victorian England when emphasis was placed on meticulous grooming.

Bernice wishes to thank each and every one of her clients who have been supportive of her career in this field since moving to the black hills 3 years ago.

She says without you, there would be no JACK THE CLIPPER. Bernice says she loves living in Belle Fourche and will continue to strive to do well in serving her community and the surrounding area.