Road Concerns Top the County Commission List

Belle Fourche News

BELLE FOURCHE-The Butte County Commissioners were faced with discontented residents of the county as concerns for road noise and unnavigable gravel roads were brought to their attention during the regular monthly meeting.

Belle Fourche residents Lon Dale and Dennis Mullins explained to the commissioners that the road noise from Croell Redimix was disrupting their area. The families live near the junction of Ziebach and Helmer Road. Their major complaints were road noise from the heavy truck hauling and the dust caused by the trucks.

“We do appreciate the mag water,” said Mullins. But it’s still not enough to cut all the dust.

Although the gentlemen had met with representatives from Croell, the company had not attempted to change hauling methods. Trucking begins in the early mornings before 7 a.m. and go late into the evening around 9 p.m. According to Mullins and Dale, this disrupts the day and makes it difficult for family members.

“We have a problem and something needs done about it,” commented Dale.

Dale said that there just needs to be some respect from Croell and wants to see what the county will or can do to remedy the situation.

The county commissioners had tried to establish zoning within the county, but according to Commissioner Kim Richards, the taxpayers were not in favor of zoning. He pointed out that the commission room had been filled several times in previous years whenever the subject was approached.

Richards suggested the men seek the input of DENR. He said there could be ways to handle the situation through that agency.

Charles Reid was again on hand to discuss Reid Road. The road had been worked prior to recent moisture, but now was worse than it had been. Reid pointed out that he had understood that improving the road was “way down on the list” of county projects and he was asking to be put on a priority.

Richards assured him that County Highway Superintendent Duane Heidrich had plans. He stated that the Commission does not tell the superintendent which roads to do, but that Heidrich handles the day to day workings of the department.

Heidricks assured Reid that he had placed finishing Reid Road was near the top of his list and as the weather allowed the road would be in better shape soon.

Fred Wells, representing Butte County Local Emergency Planning Committee, presented the commissioners with the latest Hazardous Material Plan he had developed for the county for their approval.

The HAZMAT plan consists of five parts that include information on the LEPC, Butte County Commission, and County Government, a list of all hazardous reporting facilities, a list of facilities by location, a list off resources and protocols, and a comprehensive analysis of Hazardous Material Incidents in Butte County from 2009 until present.

The plan not only lists the facilities but includes photos and location maps with GPS coordinates. Site procedures and emergency plans comprise a narrative that firefighters and law enforcement can incorporate with their approach. The useful tool is located at all fire departments and law enforcement departments in Butte County.

State’s Attorney Cassie Wendt informed the commissioners that she is working with 911 Coordinator Vicki Greenwood in setting up a budget spreadsheet to present to the commission.    This would help both dispatch and commissioners to a better understanding in dispatch costs and which costs are constant and which costs fluctuate.

They are also working on the annual dispatch contract with the city of Belle Fourche. Wendt asked the commissioners if it should be a one, three, or five-year contract. The present contract is up at the end of this year.

With the future of dispatch still undecided, Wendt thought it would be best to put together a contract that would be ready to go with Belle Fourche and was leaning toward a three-year contract.

“I think we would want a one-year contract until we know where we are going” with future plans for dispatch said Commissioner Frank Walton. It has been discussed that Butte County Dispatch may merge with Meade County Dispatch, but no concrete plans have been finalized.

“If we are entering into an agreement with the City, we need to do it as soon as possible,” said Wendt.

Several Right of Ways were granted by commissioners including Ollila Road and R Ranch Land, LLC. Work is progressing on Riley Bridge with new culverts coming the first of Novemeber.

Following discussion and with Commissioner James Ager posing the only dissenting vote, Lisa Nelson and Jerry Nelson were placed as authorized signers to the county bank accounts with the removal of Auditor Elaine Jensen. Jensen is leaving her position effective November 5, 2021.

There will be a special commission meeting Monday, October 25 at 1:30 p.m. for the second reading of the Amended Ordinance to Regulate Medical Marijuana. The next regular Butte County Commission meeting will be held November 2, 2021 at 9 a.m.