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April 7, 2024

After a bit of a early spring drought we received some good moisture in the form of a rain, snow mix this past weekend. While we had pure rain on Saturday we woke up on Sunday to a white skiff of snow. But it was gone by noon.  We are expecting to see some green rolling hills as soon as the warmer temperatures flow in on Friday.

    Despite wet or slushy gravel roads, there was a nice attendance at church on Sunday.  It was followed by a good potluck and time of fellowship.

    On Sunday April 21 Mick and Rick will take the regular Sunday service. There will be food and fellowship following the service.  Teens and young folks will enjoy this service and everyone is welcome.  The twins will be looking forward to visiting our remote area.

    Track Meets should be in full swing.  Many are wrapping up their calving season and for early calvers like the Gary and Amy Cammack’s, they will be selling their calves soon.

    Enjoy watching and experiencing this spring season.  It is so special as everything is starting anew.  Spring seems to fly by fast and those beautiful blossoms and fragrances are fleeting. From dead to alive, or sleep to awake is how the appearance of grass, bushes, flowers and trees will be soon.  So enjoy, and take time to smell the roses this week.

 March 31, 2024

Sunday afternoon looked more like Christmas than it did Easter Sunday. While we received moisture more as rain on Saturday, the cooler temperatures on Sunday took us below freezing, making it a slippery ride home on Hy. 34 by 5:30 pm. 

    On Sunday there was a good attendance for sunrise service in Union Center followed by a breakfast provided by Donna and Amy Cammack.  The Easter Sunday service praise songs were led by Larry and John Rhoden and Lorie Hausmann, the main song leader. Jack Seller sang a special song and Caden Smiley accompanied himself on piano to a beautifully delivered song with a great message.  There were multiple Cammack families in attendance for a family gathering. Little Carson Ingalls  and family were in attendance after a long stay in the hospital.

    The Lemmel Family spent last week in Mexico as a gift from Rorey and Krista Lemmel.  They had a relaxing time as well as a divine appointment by Tristen Rhoden.  He took a stroll down the beach when a large man had gotten caught in some very large waves.  The man’s struggle did not bring him success in getting to shore despite his and the efforts of a life guard and one other.  Upon seeing this, Tristen went in and grabbed his hand and had the strength to finally pull him to safety.  He left from there knowing the man was alive and well.  Tristen will marry Kalen Lemmel in May.

    The deadline for signing up to run for the state legislature and other county offices has come and gone. Now is when the campaign season will begin before the June primary.

    The Meade County Republican Women held their April meeting, April 5.  Summed up the last legislative session and talk about upcoming events.  They met at at Pizza Ranch. All Republicans are welcome. .attend and to join MCRW as a member or associate member.

    As a reminder taxes are due on April 15.  For those who have them already complete, a sigh of relief is in order.

    Rick & Mick Vigneulle will be taking the Sunday service in Union Center on April 21, which starts at 11:00 am. Rick & Mick are internationally known Christian comedy and contemporary music artists who have performed in all 50 states and in 15 countries.  The identical “twin towers”, (combined height totaling 10ft. 8in.), have been featured on America’s Funniest People, performed at the White House, conducted several chapels for professional baseball teams such as the Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros and LA Dodgers.  They have also been seen on 60 minutes and in LIFE Magazines’ 20th Century Highlight Book.  Their mission is to seek the lost and compel believers to thrive in God’s love, freedom, and hope. They seek to reach youth, families and adults with the life saving truth.  This is a special opportunity for the community.  Stay tuned for even more amazing things to come as far as outreach in Central Meade County.

   Some of us Irishmen remembered to wear green on Sunday, March 17.  To my fellow Irishmen, I hope you had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!