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The Capitol News may be limited this week. Super Bowl Sunday is not the best time to gather news. It may not be the game that keeps people busy, but the tail-gate parties are especially interesting. 

Dick and Erma Albert made a trip to town, on Tuesday, where Dick got a haircut. They also did some shopping.  Their week was filled with usual activities. They went to the Senior Center for the Friday dinner, and Erma stayed to play cards for a while. Then, she stopped by at Delores Sperle’s for a short visit. Dick and Erma went to church on Sunday, and then had lunch at Saloon Number Three, with the Erk and the Helms families. Father Brian had a cold, so he did not join them. 

Doug Davis had a lovely visit to the dentist, on Tuesday, but the rest of their week was pretty much similar to last week. Morgan Buck’s birthday was coming up, so he spent the weekend in Camp Crook. His dad’s birthday is only a couple of days before his, so the family celebrated both birthdays at the same time, and got to celebrate the Super Bowl on the same weekend, too. 

Junior and Shirley Melum had a quiet week. They noticed the foggy days, and after the rain, got some snow.

Dorothy Padden watched the Buffalo girls’ basketball game against Dupris at home, online, on Tuesday. Bryce, Dawn and Dorothy Padden went to Buffalo for the basketball games on Thursday. The teams celebrated parents’ night, and there was a good crowd to watch the teams play. 

Last Sunday, Diane Wear came to Ronda Cordell’s from Ekalaka. They did some catching up on their visiting. Diane stayed over, and treated Ronda and Janet Odell to lunch at Blossoms ‘n’ Brew in Buffalo, on Monday. The barn builders came that day from Hulett, to start Ronda’s barn project. Ronda’s Tuesday morning visitors were Toney and Linda Hannah. Then, she made a quick trip into Camp Crook to get letters mailed. The dense fog greeted the Tie Creek area, again, on Wednesday morning. At times, the visibility was a mere twenty feet, while the barn building crew was working. Ronda actually took some rain jackets out for them, because it had rained much of the day, making it quite miserable to be building a barn. The Clint Zolnoski family had gone to Bowman to picked up the Can-Am that was returned from Miles City. Ronda figured it was a good day to try to get at taxes again. The builders took Thursday off, due to the nasty wind and snow flurries. Spray Day was scheduled in Ekalaka. Ronda called to make sure it was still on, before heading over for much of the day. The speakers, that would have attended, did their talks virtually. On Saturday, a new resident was delivered to the corral, by Lynn Howell Ludwick. It was a Brown Swiss two-year heifer, due to calve at the end of March. The old 15-year old Swiss X Tarantaise was open this Fall. Ronda likes having a couple of  nurse cows fresh for suckling calves, if needed, during calving. It beats buying and mixing milk replacer. Most often if a cow doesn’t need a graft, the extra calf can just be doubled up on a milk cow, and go out to pasture that way. Ronda drove to Jack and Kay Ovitz’s, later in the afternoon, where she enjoyed a visit and coffee. Then, she stopped briefly to say “Hi’ to Cheryl Burghduff and Reuben Balderaz. Ronda is not really a big football fan, but the Super Bowl game was so good that she watched the whole game, and then watched the overtime to the exciting end.

Karen Odell enjoyed seeing video of her Minnesota granddaughter, Kyia Smith, competing in her swimming meet, this week. Grandson, Murphy Hinds was playing basketball in Tacoma. He is one of the youngest, but didn’t seem to mind dribbling through the forest of bigger kids. Then she saw Carson Odell, as the first place winner in his class in Mitchell Kernels wrestling. It was a good week for the Odell’s. She hopes Carson can keep up his winning streak. Karen and Hywel got some outside work done, on Monday, before the snow came. They went to Camp Crook, on Wednesday, to stop by at Wolffy’s. It was foggy, and the temperature was right at freezing, so they were glad to be traveling on the gravel. The next day, there was snow, and by the time it cleared up, there must have been about three inches of snow. On Sunday, Karen went to church at the Presbyterian church in Marietta, Georgia on YouTube. Her brother, Ron Evans, called to visit and she caught up on the Ohio news. Karen was expected to cheer for Kansas City, during the Super Bowl game, because her brother, Jim Evans, had lived in Kansas City for so many years, and usually had season tickets to Arrowhead Stadium. He was thrilled when they won last year. The game turned out to be more exciting than expected. Karen is not thrilled with professional sports, however she turned on the Super Bowl, but turned it off before half-time. There seems to be enough stupidity in the world without adding more. When she turned it on again, the score was tied, so the game was actually starting over, anyway. Then it went into overtime, and it was such a good game, that Karen was sorry that anybody had to lose, and she was glad she had watched.

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