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By Sandy Rhoden

While Sunday appeared to be a lovely spring day, it carried with it a fairly strong breeze with temperatures in the 30s.  The air was quite sharp and brisk so it cut through unexpectedly when you stepped out in it.  The great thing is that our roads are dry and clear, however moisture is a much needed commodity at this time.

    On Sunday, family and friends celebrated Floyd Cammack’s 93rd birthday after church services. His birthday is actually on March 20 which is the first day of spring.  This is fitting for Floyd as he is a lover of flowers and is responsible for the splash of colorful flowers both at his home and at the church in Union Center.  We wish Floyd the happiest of birthdays this year!

    Many have been sending up prayers to little Carson Ingalls, who has been hospitalized due to a burst appendix and further complications. He was doing better last weekend so we are hoping he is home by now or planning to go home soon. His parents are James and Tashonna Ingalls.

     Lorie (Rhoden) Hausmann recently had shoulder surgery and is doing well in her recovery. 

     We were saddened to learn of the passing of John Miller, 77, of Red Owl.  John passed away at his home March 12, 2024.  He was born on February 10, 1947 in Coleman, Texas. John was the first son of J.P. (Bub) Miller, Jr. and Patsy Jamison Miller who left Texas for South Dakota with their son, John in April of 1947, when John was just 5 weeks old.  John’s brother, Tom was born in 1948. When it was time for Tom to go to school Patsy moved the boys to attend school in Sturgis. John graduated from Sturgis High School in 1965 and attended Black Hills State College for 2 years.  John was married to Colleen Donohue and they moved to the Walter Place west of Faith, SD. Their daughter, Mary Catherine (Cathy) was born May 9, 1969.  He loved horses whether saddle horses or working with teams along with his passion for picking up at rodeos.  He played in a band from time to time and was still playing his guitar and singing until he passed.  Survivors in the area are his brother, Tom (Vivian) Miller, of Red Owl, SD.   In Lieu of flowers a memorial has been established to the Red Owl Hall. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and close friends.

    There has been a virus caught by several in the area that involves fever, cough and more and it hangs on for quite a long time. Since it’s viral there isn’t an antibiotic or really anything that can get rid of it, except time.  So, wash your hands, drink fluids, and protect your immune systems with rest and more.

   Sunrise Service will be held on Easter Sunday, March 31 at 6:30 am at the church in Union Center. There will be a breakfast to follow.  All are welcome.

    On April 21 Rick & Mick will be taking the Sunday morning service at the Community Baptist Church in Union Center. They are twin brothers who share some laughs and the gospel with their audiences.  All are welcome.