Looking Back in Belle

Looking Back in Belle

124 years ago 


March 2, 1899

GOOD FOR THE SOUL According to the Yankton Herald ExTreasurer Phillips has made an “open Confession” to having taken interest on the state funds, and furthermore he defies the state to recover it. The Herald says:  In conversation with a prominent Huron attorney last week at Pierre, Kuk G. Phillips admitted taking the interest and said that he had simply followed a long-established precedent in doing so;  that he should have publicly admitted the fact during the last campaign had it not been for his trends in which event he was confident he would have been elected. He also expressed the conviction that the money could never be wrested from him through the medium of the courts. :This open confession of the second defaulting republican state treasurer, taken in connection with the opinion of the attorney general, leads as to inquire if it isn’t about time the legislature was taking some steps looking to the closing up of these loopholes.

 Closing Out Sale My entire stock of Hardware, Implements, Groceries, Boots and Shoes.  For sale at greatly reduced prices.  W. A. Mitchell, Minnesela, S. D.   

100 years  

The Northwest Post

 March 6, 1924

WANT BELLE FOURCHE-NEWELL ROAD MADE PASSABLE   Messrs. N. M. Bratten and A. F. Kennelly of Newell and Messrs. Joe Duer and N. P. Lang of Nisland, representing then Commercial clubs of those respective towns, were in the city last Tuesday and met with the executive committee of the Belle Fourche Commercial club. The purpose of the visit was to bring before the county commissioners the necessity of having the Shor Cut West highway between Newell and Belle Fourche put in shape for travel this spring, and a resolution urging the State Highway department to have the work done was adopted and filed with the commissioners. The resolution also favored this county assuming its proportionate share of the bond issue for the construction of the bride across the Missouri river at Forest City, providing the Newell-Belle Fourche road is constructed, this being the last connecting link to complete the Short Cut West highway through Butte county. 50 years ago 


President D. R. Evans of the First National bank of Belle Fourche, who was called to Minneapolis last week for a conference with the officers representing the new $10,000,000 Agricultural Credit Corporation, is expected to return home the latter part of this week. In speaking of the benefits to be derived from the organization of this huge financial corporation, the news dispatches from Minneapolis say:  Immediate assistance for farmers and banks in the northwest was decided on at a meeting of officers of the $10,000,000 Agricultural Credit Corporation formed recently by bankers and business men to relieve economic distress in some sections.  The corporation’s officers and some directors and executive committee members met in an all day session with 40 bankers, business men and agriculturists of Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana and arrived at specific work ot be undertaken immediately.  J. R. Howard, former president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, who was elected an active vice president of the new corporation, attended the meeting. He plans to come to Minneapolis and take up his duties at the corporation’s headquarters in ten days.

75 years ago 

The Belle  Daily Post   

March 3, 1948

$18,000 Needed Before Contact Can Be Let for Hospital Addition  Board Hopes Order For Building Can Be Issued in April  $105,000 Addition Would Provide 30 More Beds, Several New Facilities  Belle Fourche’s campaign to raise funds for the proposed $105,000 addition to the John Burns Memorial Hospital rolled into high gear this week as board members concentrated their drive in hopes of accruing the $18,000 still needed so that their contact can be let by April 1.  The hospital board, thru grants and donations already has over $84,900, but they need $105,000 to cover the contract and architect’s fees.  They want to let the contract for construction of the three-story addition by April 1. The proposed addition, which will extend southward from the present brick structure, will contain space for approximately 30 additional beds, a modern obstetrical and nursery service, kitchen and dining room (now contained in the old frame building), adequate laundry service and generally the additional services necessary to make a complete hospital unit of between 50 and 55 beds. Meanwhile, contributions to the campaign can be made to George C. Johnson, board treasurer, at the First National Bank. 

50 years ago 

The Belle Fourche Daily Post   

March 2, 1974

Flood Insurance for Belle After March 2, 1974, all property owners in communities where flood insurance is being sold must purchase flood insurance to be eligible for federally funded financial assistance programs, according to Chester B. Leedom, district director of the South Dakota Small Business Administration. “In December of 1973 congress passed the Flodd Disaster Protection Act, which expands the insurance coverage available for property owners who up until that time may not have been able to obtain flood insurance thru private insurance companies. Included in the act passed by congress last December, property owners must obtain flood insurance if they are in a designated flood prone community. If such insurance is not obtained, all forms of loans or grants including mortgage loans and disaster assistance loans from either a federal agency such as FHA, SBA, VA or banks or savings and loan institutions with government guarantees will not be approved,” Leedom stated.  Areas of South Dakota falling within designated hazard areas include portions of Aberdeen, Belle Fourche, Custer, Ft. Pierre, Hot Springs, North Sioux City, Rapid City and Sturgis.  There are also other areas in Brown County and in Meade County which are incorporated at the present time, but also fall within the identifiable area. “Businessmen residing within the listed areas should check with their local authorities to see if they are located within the designated area and what provision apply. We would also suggest they contact our office or their local Housing and Urban Development Office for additional details,” Leedom concluded.

Collins Takes Press Post with BBG The campaign of Barbara Bates Gunderson for GOP senate nomination has moved one step closer to formal announcement with the appointment of Lorraine Collins, Belle Fourche, as Mrs. Gunderson’s press secretary.  “What Barbara says is worth listening to, and I want to help bring her message to Republicans throughout the state,” Mrs. Collins said, “We expect her announcement very soon.”  The author of a book and numerous articles in national publication, Mrs. Collins is a former member of the editorial staff of Time magazine. She is currently writing a regular feature for “Marriage and Family Living” magazine and has just completed work on a novel. She is a native of South Dakota, a graduate of Cornell College, Iowa, and lives in Belle Fourche, where her husband is a mining engineer.  She is the mother of three school-age children.  Mrs. Collins has long been active in civic affairs, serving with various youth activities, the Tri-State Concert Association,  and the school board