Transfer by City, CPR Training

Newell News

NEWELL-The Newell City Commission approved the transfer of Block 5, Lot 1, located east side of Newell, to the non-profit Newell Economic Committee. The City can transfer property to a non-profit on approval of the commission. At this time the property is zoned residential so the commission will need to change the zoning in the near future. Sewer work will begin in the area soon.

The commission renewed a one-year term on the Library Board for Linda Vollmer and approved Angie Hansen to fill the two-year vacancy on the board left by Kim Wince. Both terms began January 1.

Ambulance Director Sherry Hocking petitioned the commissioners to waive fees for the use of the Community Hall to instruct the public in CPR classes. Hocking has received a grant to do the training free of charge to the public. She has been instructing students at the Newell Middle School and High School. The commissioners approved waiving the fees, seeing the benefits of CPR.

The estimate from Mangis Construction to demolish the building at 102 Fisk was approved. The contract includes tearing down the structure, hauling contents to the city dump, and hauling dirt into the basement and leveling the area. The cost of the project is $9,096.96. The work deadline will be weather permitting.

Mayor Ken Wetz noted that the property will be put back on the tax rolls.

Two names were added to the Newell Fire Department, Andy Kentsler and Matt Mangis.

Enning Propane has begun a new part of their service by installing tank monitors. The monitoring system automatically enrolls the tank owner in the “Keep Full” program. There is a $4 monthly fee for each tank. The city owns four tanks that will receive the monitors.

The High Plains restaurant has changed hands to 26 Bar Holdings and petitioned the commission to approve the transfer of the liquor license. Shelby Schuelke is the owner of 26 Bar Holdings and purchased High Plains from her parents.

Special notes for the Newell Museum that the museum will be closed April 8 and 9 and again June 3 and 4. Feeding South Dakota will be moved to another location on June 4. It will also be closed November 4 and 5. Feeding South Dakota will be moved on November 5.