“Stop and Go” Printing

Belle Fourche News

If a newspaper could ever be accused of trying the patience of its readership the Beacon would have to plead guilty. Our “stop and go” printing schedule has been necessary to build the components that will insure the Beacon’s publication far into the future. The community nonprofit has been established; an online version that is available via website (www.bellefourchebeacon.com) is constructed and more easily readable news will soon be available there and easier to read on your cell phones.

The Beacon will soon be accepting applications for additional staffing for the paper’s news, sales, distribution, construction, and operation. We are looking for those individuals that believe in maintaining the Beacon and have skill sets they would like to add to the cause. (See employment opportunities Page A7). This issue follows the September 13 publication and created the longest void in printing we have incurred since beginning the Beacon in June 2018.

After this October 11th printing we are planning an every other week schedule for this month and November. If all goes according to plans we may be back on weekly schedule starting in December. The every other week schedule, like when the Beacon first began, is necessary to proceed with the steps to proceed long into the future. When we are putting out a paper it is a task that only takes place on days that end in “y” and others are free. Basically no time left to do anything else.

For those of you who have paid subscriptions you will be credited forward for the gaps that have taken place these last couple months. So basically a “year’s subscription will carry 14 months forward. We will, as we know, continue to provide publication status updates in each printing of the Beacon. Subscriptions continue to come in and never too late.

The price to follow single issue pricing will go up from $40 to $52 starting January 2024. Thank you for your patience, and above all, thank you for your support of the Beacon.