Newell Schools Looks for New Business Manager

Newell News

NEWELL – The Newell school district is once again looking for a new business manager. Sofie Burditt has been in that position for the past four years, but is now moving on to a different area in her life. Burditt will be employed by the Spearfish school district, starting December 1.

“I will be able to walk to work,” said Burditt. “I love this community and the district. It’s been wonderful here. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ll be closer to home, and that my husband would like me closer to home, I wouldn’t leave.”

“She’s been good,” said Superintendent Andrew Fergen. “We are advertising both locally and online.” The link for the employment application is Please scroll down to the pdf file.

Burditt has been a visible face at the school outside the business office, showing up at recent volleyball games to support the athletes and other events around the school.

Other topics that came up in an interview with Fergen included the solicitation of bids for a new sound system in Austin Auditorium. The drama and music departments have had the assistance of Maynard Yule bringing in his own system during concerts and performances, but the board has made the decision to seek the installation of a system that will support those activities as well as the sports that happen in the gymnasium.

“We are hoping the school foundation will help, but we are looking for other funding as well,” said Fergen.

That is also the case with the replacement of windows in the elementary building. This is something needed for a while now and the board has decided it is time to tackle the needed repairs.

The school will team up with the town of Newell for a housing study.

“We’ve been needing some housing for new employees that would like to live in the area,” said Fergen. With the dearth of adequate housing all over, he feels this is something that has been needed for a while. If a person does a “Google” search for housing available, either rental or for sale, in the Newell area, there are just 13 results listed on one local realtor site, and those listings include only land for sale or businesses. The prices range anywhere from $35,000 for a three-bed, 1500 square foot home that is much older, but currently under a pending contract, to a four-bed 2000 square foot home with one bath for $449,900. Available homes on the realtors site include just three. One other site, listed at $36,000 for less than a half-acre, with the only amenities including water, sewer and electrical, as well as a new storage shed, but no home, is also pending. Listings don’t stay long on the site.

Judy Heisler was recently hired as a long term sub, but the district is still looking for a maintenance worker for a position that would include a shift differential for a shift starting at 3 p.m.