Then and Now in Newell

Newell News

“Looking Forward to our Past”                                  by Linda Velder 

May 7, 1914

   Three soldiers were arrested last week for an unwarranted assault upon George Murray, while walking home with his sister. The removal of the troops prevented the guilty parties from receiving well merited punishment.

Frank and Jim Brady of the Sand Creek, Wyoming area and Frank Yoder of Hoover bought quite a number of cows off Ben Ash yesterday. Ben Ash, the stockman and banker of Faith, was in town several days of last week doing business.

Friday, the last day of the term of Mud Butte School, the teacher, Mr. McCown, was very surprised to see a large crowd come in about noon. The neighbors had all met at the Titus home and taking their dinners went up to the school house and had a regular picnic indoors. After dinner, the prepared program was rendered, which everyone thought was splendid. McCown has had a most successful term and will probably be retained to teach again next year.

May 1, 1924

Last week a large contingent of Mexican laborers were sent to the beet farmers adjacent to Nisland and now we can say that we have a mixed population. Well, anyway, they went right to work and know how to tend sugar beets.

For some time the State Highway Commission has been planning to connect with a standard built highway between Yellowstone Trail with the Black Hills via Newell and Belle Fourche. This would prove a popular route for residents of the northern part of South Dakota and adjacent states coming to the Black Hills and understood the work will be done this summer.

Walter Larson and Helen Larson represented Vale School’s intermediate room at the spelling contest at Newell. Sixth Grade, Ruth Kingsbury did not miss a word, either in oral or written work. She will represent Vale School at Belle Fourche in the County Contest on May 15th. We are all proud of Ruth and hope she will get to go to the State Fair and participate in the State Spelling Bee.


May 3, 1934

   Bob Butts, County Relief Director, announced here Monday that the State Relief Administration had definitely decided to establish a Federal Rehabilitation Camp for transients on a school section a few miles northeast of Newell, with a second camp in Butte County to be located in the Arpan community. Both tracts are located within the Irrigation Project. The program will consist in putting livestock into the hands of those who are not able to obtain them with their own resources and assisting these families, where necessary, to make arrangements for land and equipment which will be charged against them and expected to make repayment.

Florien Lucera is staying at her parents’ home again this term and is walking back and forth to school at Newell.

Mrs. Lena Arndt and Mrs. Spencer Godfrey spent Friday afternoon at the George Seitz home with Mrs. Seitz while Mr. Seitz was in the Northside neighborhood securing the last of the corn-hog signers.

May 4, 1944

   An invitation to all contractors who are interested in building dams in Butte County to attend a meeting to be held at the AAA office in Belle Fourche on May 5 at 7:00 PM was announced by Joe L. Nelson County Chairman. The purpose being to discuss a new procedure which has been worked out whereby contractors will be paid directly by the AAA for the construction of dams built for operators rather than being paid by the operators themselves. The program is to build dams across draws as many as allowed throughout the county.

It is reported that over 40 cars were counted at Orman Dam Lake on Monday morning, the opening day of the fishing season. The weather was anything else than propitious that morning and very many of the fishermen returned with the proverbial fisherman’s luck: wet feet and hungry, but no fishes.

 Oscar Kayras has received a Purple Heart  Award from the Navy Department, issued posthumously to his son, Waino W. Kayras, who was killed in action about January 1, 1943. Waino was serving on the USS Atlanta when the battle ship was destroyed by the enemy and he was lost at sea.

May 6, 1954

   A public discussion on hail suppression research, to which project farmers particularly would be invited, will by sponsored by the Newell Community Club, possibly this Friday, according to action taken by the club at their regular meeting at the Skyroom of the Cove Tuesday evening. At the meeting a Federal Weather Bureau meteorologist is to join in discussion with a representative from the Water Resource Corporation who will lead a discussion on hail repression research.

Commencement Speaker this year at both Newell and Nisland School graduation exercises will be Dean D. W. Tieszen of Black Hills State Teachers College. Tieszen will ask “How Free is Free?” at Newell Monday evening and Nisland Friday evening. Before going to Spearfish, Dean Tieszen was principal of the Watertown High School for 9 years. He is associated with many state-wide and local civic organizations and a Veteran of WWII. He holds a Degree in Education from University of Wyoming.

Mothers’ Day is Sunday; time to take Mom out of the kitchen to a wonderful Mothers’ Day dinner. Phone 7481 today to the Cove Café for a reservation. Her choice of an Appetizer, Southern Fried Chicken, Virginia Baked Ham, Roast Prime rib of beef with salad, vegetable, drink and delightful desserts only Evon can create.

April 30, 1964

   Plans for organization of a Newell Ladies Golfing Association or Auxiliary is to be considered at a special meeting to be held at the Cove Café this Thursday evening, 7:30 PM, it is announced. All ladies interested either in playing golf, learning more about the game or in an auxiliary to the Men’s Club Association are urged to attend and bring ideas and suggestions.

Mr.  & Mrs. Byron Schipke and Susan entertained approximately 95 young people from the Junior and Senior Classes of Newell High School at a pot luck picnic dinner at the Schipke cabin near Spearfish Canyon Sunday. The young people spent the afternoon, enjoying games, ping-pong, hiking and wading in the creek. Harlan Jacobsen, Bruce Foertch and David Alden golfed in Spearfish that morning and then joined the group at the cabin. Lunch, largely left over from the Jr.–Sr. Prom banquet was served late in the afternoon.

Two residents of Newell recently joined an exclusive club, “Twins Receiving Social Security Benefits”. The event took place took place Sunday when Viola Lale and Violet Price reached retirement age. They are twins as familiar in appearance that they are often mistaken for one another by close friends. Larry Sheppard, Rapid City Social Security Representative delivered their first paycheck. Sheppard said that the records of Social Security Administration are confidential but that Viola and Violet consented to the release of this information; it may help others to better understand the Social Security Laws.