Susan Peterson Seeks District 28 Senate Seat

Belle Fourche News


   My name is Susan Peterson. I’m from Belle Fourche and I’m thrilled to be a Senate republican candidate for District 28.

I appreciate this opportunity to mention a few things about my background and beliefs. I’ve been a SD resident my entire life. I grew up at Revillo, a small farming community in eastern SD. Mom and Dad were farmers with a dairy, stock cows, grain farming of corn, beans, alfalfa, wheat and oats. 

   There’s six of us kids, three boys and three girls. Everyday there was a great deal of hard work put into the farm. We all pitched in and took care of the land and animals. 

   I’m grateful for my ag background giving me a solid foundation of taking care of Mother Nature and especially thankful for a strong work ethic my parents instilled in me.

After graduating from Grant Deuel High School, I continued my education at Black Hills State University, in Spearfish, SD. 

    This university was a good fit for me because it was a small university like the small high school I attended and it had an excellent student to professor ratio. 

   My husband Scott and I, married 35 years and also from Revillo, really liked the Black Hills and decided to stay out west. 

   Belle Fourche has been our home since 1988 and we’ve been blessed with and raised two children here.

Right away in our marriage, we started Scott Peterson Motors Inc.  

    In 1991 we had the opportunity to purchase the Ford and Chrysler dealership in Belle Fourche. 

   I was young. Twenty-four years old. Willing to learn and willing to work. This was a wonderful business experience for us bringing expansion and growth to the tri state area. 

I worked in the dealership on a daily basis. This allowed me to really get to know our customers’ needs and wants. We are fortunate that many of these clients became lifelong friends. Our staff was our extended family and our business success was based on the phenomenal team we built.

In July of 2013 we had the opportunity to purchase the Ford store in Sturgis, SD. Just three months later, we faced a challenge we could have never expected. An October snowstorm, known as the Atlas Storm, caused our new dealership facility to collapse due to the heavy snow. Thankfully, no one was hurt during this unbelievable blizzard, but upon review of the damage the store was condemned. Quickly, a temporary relocation was located giving us the time we needed to decide the best way forward. Our decision was to build a new store. Perseverance and endurance saw us through the hoops and hurdles to take on the new project with completion in July of 2015. Once again, our staff was amazing.

Owning a business taught me the joy of giving back to my community. I have been fortunate to serve on many committees and boards including the Belle Fourche Chamber of Commerce, The South Dakota Auto Dealers Association, Black Hills State University Foundation Board, St. James Lutheran Church, Belle Fourche Riverwalk/Bike Path, Belle Fourche Purple Pride, South Dakota Department of Workers Compensation Advisory Board and the South Dakota Retailers Association. A quick note on the SDRA, we received the SD Retailer of the Year award in 2017. Such an honor! I take pride being a part of all these groups. It has been a pleasure and thrill to serve. The friendships made have been life-changing and the education, awareness and completing a common goal has been personally and professionally fulfilling.

While my career has been very rewarding, my kids are the biggest blessing in my life. Jon and Jayme have been very active in our community as part of basketball programs, rodeo and soccer. Yes, I was a soccer Mom and loved every minute of it! To this day, Scott and I continue to travel and support the efforts of our kids. My feeling of joy is twofold. I spend time with my kids and I get to see more of South Dakota. Additionally, the sport family network we’ve built while competing has been an unexpected and wonderful gift for me.

A few other fun facts about me: I’m a runner. Back in 2012 I ran and finished the Mickelson Marathon in Deadwood. I like to cook. I can thank my Mom, Delaine, for teaching me to have dinner on the table ready for the hungry summertime farm crew. Today my family farms, raises cattle, buffalo and horses and having a warm meal on the table for my hard working crew is important to me.

My values, morals and ethics are strong and firm. Christianity, family and freedom are my top priorities. I hope as you have read through this short story of my life, you will conclude that I am team player. I am practical, dependable, quiet and organized. I persevere and endure. I enjoy people, hearing their story and concerns. I am responsible for what needs to be done and follow through steadily.

Why am I running for Senate? To make a difference in the lives for the South Dakota citizens in district 28 and ultimately, all our lives better. I have always given back with committees, organizations and boards I’ve given my time and energy to. This is a nature progression for me. I want your voice to be heard. My goal is to offer you a change and to implement positive growth.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you. I appreciate your support.