Saying Farewell

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Ryder Heitz

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NEWELL—A retirement party for five longtime Newell School staff proved bittersweet on May 2 as students and staff bid farewell to educators who have made a lasting impact on the school.

Scott Wince, Laurie Parker, Kathy Lamphere, Karen Jensen, and Betsy Burtzlaff have retired from their careers after dedicating years of their lives to shaping the minds of students in the community. 

Their retirement party took place in the multipurpose room, where cake was served in their honor. A steady stream of students and colleagues stopped by throughout the afternoon to congratulate, thank, and say goodbye to their favorite teachers.

Betsy Burtzlaff spent 17 of her 24 total years teaching in Newell. Karen Jensen worked in the business office for over 12 years and was active with the school’s ag program. 

Kathy Lamphere was part of the administration and business office for 23 years. She emphasized that getting to know the students was her favorite part of working at the school. “I will miss the kids,” she said.

Scott Wince not only taught gym and health class, but also coached many basketball teams over the years. He was the coach of the 2011 girls’ basketball team, who were the runner-up state champions that year.

Laurie Parker completed her student teaching in Newell and then spent 41 years at the school district. She started her career as a second-grade teacher and taught several different classes over the years, with 14 years spent teaching fourth grade. “I was born to teach,” said Parker. “That is what I was meant to do.” She is looking forward to doing what she wants during retirement. 

This event served as a reminder of the impact that all five of these individuals have had on the lives of countless students over the years. Not only have they imparted knowledge, but they have also instilled values and inspired a love for learning in their students. Congratulations and good luck to the retirees in all future endeavors!

Photo by Betty Bruner

Newell School retirees, from the left, Kathy Lamphere, Laurie Parker, Scott Wince, Karen Jensen, and Betsy Burtzlaff.