Roots Grow Deep and Strong # 6

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Meg English

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   Today’s big word is egalitarian. To be egalitarian is to be kind. They are the same thing.  Kindness is characterized by friendliness, generosity, and consideration for others. The definition of egalitarianism is a little broader and more specific. Egalitarianism is a philosophy that describes how to treat others with kindness.

   To be egalitarian means to treat others equally regardless of gender, religion, social status, and political beliefs. That means to be nice to each other. It’s simple, but not simple.

     Of course, it never hurts to promote kindness on t-shirts with bright colors and any other prominent display. However, when it’s obvious that people need reminders to be kind, the implication is many people are not kind. 

    If being a practicing egalitarian is so difficult, maybe it’s because many people don’t think that everyone is equal? 

   Being kind takes practice and so does being egalitarian. Maybe if people think of one another as equal, and accept that we are all equal, society might be a better place and kindness would come more naturally?  Just a thought. 

   Being egalitarian means finding the middle ground and understanding one another. 

  The exceptional entertaining production of Freaky Friday by the High School Drama department had a powerful message about egalitarianism. 

   Although mothers and daughters are not necessarily “equal”, they are equal in the sense that each has the right to be treated with respect. Certainly, everyone is equal regarding the right to be treated respectfully.  

   In Freaky Friday, teenage high school daughter, Ellie Blake and her mother Katherine magically switch roles for a day.  The mother and her daughter have had a history of conflict. They just haven’t been able or willing to see things from the other person’s point of view until they are forced to switch places. In the end the learn many things about one another and gain the insight into how to practice egalitarianism and kindness. I loved the performance of Freaky Friday. It was wonderful success and an impressive achievement. And it made me think about kindness and a new idea for a t-shirt design with the words “Be Kind, Be Egalitarian. Just another thought.