Butte County Sheriff Fred Lamphere presented a commendation to Deputy Bailey Hahne for her bravery during a recent incident. Butte County Sheriff Fred Lamphere presented a commendation to Deputy Bailey Hahne for her bravery during a recent incident.

Dash Cams Installed in County Graders and Snowplows

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BELLE FOURCHE-Butte County Highway Department has expounded on a highway employee Remote Contact Policy to ensure a safe working environment for Butte County Highway Employees. It includes directions for employees to follow when approached by any individual while in county equipment. The County will provide dash cams in the six county graders and two county snowplows. The employees are responsible for turning the dash cam on when operating the equipment. If there is an incident it is recorded on a memory card from the dash cam and taken to the Highway Office to be stored on the administrator’s computer. The recordings are stored for as long as the Highway Superintendent and/or State’s Attorney deem necessary.

A public hearing took place concerning property owned by Jay and Wilma Tope along Highway 212. Wilma Tope was available to explain the specifics and use of the property. Tope offered to put up a privacy fence, probably with movable fence sections, that will come into compliance with South Dakota codified law. The commissioners approved an extension until May 15 if they come into compliance. Sheriff Fred Lamphere will monitor any illegal dumping at the site.

Several members of the audience made comments during Public Comments.

Sue Broadhurst mentioned holes in a bridge over Red Water and the conditions of Snoma and Crooked Oaks roads. She asked that the county website be brought up to date and encouraged the department heads to check out the site. Broadhurst added that the commissioners should be aware of how the neighbors view the county property that is for sale.

Dale Simanton explained what happened at the Nisland Town meeting recently and the reaction of the citizens of the area when an application for a Medical Marijuana grow facility was up for approval by the town commission. He pointed out that the voice of the people was strongly against any facility.

The subject of hand counting ballots was brought to the attention of the commissioners by Travis Ismay. He cautioned the commissioners to not trust tabulating machines. As chairman of Concerned Citizens of Butte County, he urged the commissioners to hand count ballots and said that CCOBC is willing to help step in to help.

Bids were opened by Highway Superintendent Dwayne Heidrich that cover various items, including culvert boxes, concrete culverts, steel culverts, diesel, gas, treated lumber, fir stringers and steel decking among other items. All bids were accepted since when the time comes to obtain the item the final decision will be made as to purchase.

The present HVAC system was discussed with the possibility of upgrading the system.  A representative from G & R Controls explained that the cost could be between $1.4 and $1.6 million. A newer system is needed to improve the controls and the heating and cooling of the court house.

State’s Attorney LeEllen McCartney notified the commissioners that a third-year law student has been hired to start in August 2024, provided he passes the Bar.

Sheriff Fred Lamphere presented Deputy Bailey Hahne with a commendation for her bravery in the field recently. He also noted that mental health is a concerning issue in the county, saying that there is more aggressiveness in confrontations in the county.

Auditor Annie Capp has investigated a new web builder known as Munibit. Munibit has quoted a price of $119 a month that covers comprehensive access to the web builder, unlimited support, troubleshooting, and personalized training, with no setup, design, or hosting fees.

The auditor has plans for her office that include the 2024 Presidential Election, community education with Election 101 on March 14, an update to the employee handbook, and staff development with cross-training at the top of the list.

The next Butte County Commission Meeting will be March 5 at 9:30 am in the County Courthouse.