Eighth Grade Business Fair

Newell News

NEWELL—Newell School’s eighth grade class held a business fair on Wednesday, February 7. The class displayed their creativity and entrepreneurial skills, selling a range of items including carefully hand-crafted woodwork, keychains, and more.

One student, Jacey Larson, sold handmade bracelets that she started crafting in July. She made 50 bracelets for the business fair and made over $50 in sales throughout the day.

Elaine Shaykett, the eighth-grade teacher, said that when the school decided that eighth graders were no longer required to take part in the science fair, she wanted to keep the business fair going for them. “My last class is called 21st Century,” she explained. “So they have to think about money sense.” For the first few weeks of the class, students learned about shopping and how to make decisions about deals and sales at the store. Now, they are learning how checking accounts work. “They’ve been doing things with money, things they’re going to need in their everyday life,” said Mrs. Shaykett. “And so the business fair just kind of now fits in with that. We don’t have a home economics class anymore. So kids are going out into the world and they have no clue how to even buy something.”

The business fair was an opportunity for the youth to learn about various aspects of running a business, from conceptualization and product development to sales. It provided them with a unique hands-on experience, allowing them to get a taste of the challenges and rewards associated with being a business owner.