A Letter From the New Superintendent, Pandi Pittman

New Superintendent Announced

Newell News

NEWELL-A new Superintendent will take the reins of Newell School District beginning July 1, 2024 at a salary of $95,000. The school board members have selected Dr. Pandi Pittman of the Wall School District to take the superintendent position.

Dr. Pittman is currently the Superintendent at Wall, but has roots in the NVN area. She is a graduate of Newell School and is excited to “fill the role of Newell Superintendent and 9-12 Principal for the 2024-2025 school year.”

In another official hire for the 2023-2024 school year, the board approved Michelle Stockert as the fourth-grade teacher. Stockert took over the class December 20, 2023 following the resignation of Philamer Avila, the previous teacher.

The board also approved the position of part-time custodian. Tim Donaldson has been filling the position temporarily and will continue to fill it with about 20-25 hours per week.

Heather Fergen has been hired as Title Enrichment teacher. She is filling the position vacated by Stockert.

The resignation of Kathy Lamphere was accepted effective June 30, 2024. Lamphere has been part of the Newell School for many years.

Another resignation was approved for Kiahley Sandoz. She has resigned her paraprofessional position due to the birth of her son.

There had been discussion in December concerning an outstanding balance on repairs done by Woelber Excavating. After checking with the previous superintendent, Superintendent Kirkegaard received clarification. According to Kiregaard there were three bills presented by the company $92,000, $20,775, and $6,100 which totals $118,875. The final cost was $119,423.52 which includes excise tax and sales tax (which is not paid by the school). With the final payment of $6,100, the school is current with Woelber Excavating. The work included the installation of foundation waterproofing membranes, one on the north-south wall and on the east-west wall of the high school building.

The new school calendar was approved for 2024-2025. Classes will begin August 19, 2024 and the last day of school will be May 21, 2025. Because Christmas falls on a Wednesday, the holiday break will be from December 23-January 6.